Experience Italy’s latest renaissance: the high speed Italo

Italo isn’t just another great European train. It’s a fleet of the newest generation of high-speed trains offered by NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori), the first private operator in the Italian high speed rail network. It’s state-of-the-art train travel, redefining comfort, sustainability and safety at every stop.

Designed by global leader Alstom, Italo benefits from their years of engineering expertise in the rail industry. Italo weighs less than many other trains, which means it’s energy efficient and can reach speeds up to 186 mph. Italo offers travelers added comfort with larger windows, wider seats, more elbow room, smoke-free and air conditioned cars, plus the convenience of WiFi. The multi-lingual staff and lounge access (in the stations) make every journey a pleasure. The network offers service from Venice to Rome (stops in Padua, Bologna & Florence) and from Milan to Salerno (stops in Bologna, Florence, Rome & Naples). So while there are a lot of places to enjoy the past of Italy, you’ll find this is one place you can enjoy the future.

Find Italo tickets

Italo Train

The modern high speed Italo train, offering e-tickets and free WiFi.

Italo Club Ambience

Italo Club Ambience with reclining seats, a 9” touch screen, and free WiFi.

Italo Comfort

Italo First Class (Prima) seats offer spacious seating for a comfortably pleasant trip.

Italo Train

Enjoy spectacular views of Italy with larger windows offered on Italo.

Italo Economy

Italo Economy class (Smart) cars offer modern seating with WiFi access.