Intercités de Nuit

Seating Options

Traveling First Class on the Intercités de Nuit overnight is something you won’t remember much since you’ll sleep so well through most of it. Your compartment has four large berths designed for your ultimate comfort and peace. You’ll find a fluffy duvet and cozy pillow set up on your mattress, a water bottle pocket and a travel pack including earplugs, tissues, a refreshing wipe for hands and face and a mini garbage bag. Your compartment is air-conditioned and your door is lockable to help you sleep tight. A personal wake-up service is available upon request. You’ll find a bathroom at the ends of each car, and a mirror with power outlets in the corridor. It’s everything you need to make the most of your trip. After all, it takes a great night to have a great day follow it.

Couchette (T4) Compartment

Four beds in a compartment, an upper and lower berth on opposite walls with individual reading lights. These are not divided by gender, but some trains do offer ladies-only options.

Meals & Concessions

Vending machines on the Lunea

After a full day of sightseeing or exploring, its been our experience that there’s one thing all our travelers are hungry for: sleep. So while the food on board the Intercités de Nuit is fairly basic, you'll find it excellent to solve a case of the late night munchies. With vending machines for snacks and sweets, and hot and cold drinks readily available. And of course, you’re free to bring aboard anything you like. Perhaps some fine French wine to accompany the view, or a perfectly baked popover from the patisserie to ensure sweet dreams? Of course, you may prefer some well selected petit fours to remind you just how spacious your compartment is. In any event, one thing is certain. You’ll arrive rested and ready to have a simply delightful day after a delicious night’s sleep.

On Board Services

You’ve been dreaming of this trip forever. How could we let you sleep through it? That’s why we’ve made a personal wake-up service available to anyone on the Intercités de Nuit.

Services at the Station

At most rail stations you’ll find many services catering to the long-distance traveler, like lockers to free you up. Paris Austerlitz, Toulouse, Lyon Perrache and Strasbourg also have “Relay Toilets.” Available for a fee, they’re truly private bathrooms equipped with showers, towels and hair dryers.