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One of the brightest stars in Switzerland’s rail network, the GoldenPass line stretches nearly 150 miles from Lucerne to Lake Geneva. Travelers enjoy unforgettable views of so many of Switzerland’s highlights from Montreux to Zweisimmen as they relax aboard panoramic trains.

While these ultra-modern, ultra-comfortable trains will appeal to many Swiss holiday revelers, others undoubtedly will embrace the romantic, luxurious ride provided by GoldenPass Classic Belle Epoque coaches. These beautiful trains boast unique “wine cellar” coaches that serve an assortment of wines and regional specialties. GoldenPass Classic trains run daily in both directions along the Montreux to Zweisimmen route. Panoramic trains also travel between Interlaken and Lucerne, though often, the route taken is from Lucerne to Montreux, with changes of trains in Interlaken and Zweisimmen or the reverse.

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Luzern-Interlaken Express en Route

Experience the Swiss scenery on the Lucerne-Interlaken Express.

Luzern-Interlaken Express

Second Class offers comfortable seating at a great rate.

Golden Pass Interlaken Lucerne View From Window

Unforgettable views, right from your seat.

Golden Pass Scenic Train

Enjoy the restaurant car in the Belle Epoque cars.

Golden Pass Scenic Train

Lake Lucerne to Lake Geneva: Where memories peak.