Glacier Express

Ready to cross the Alps? You’re getting warmer.

Few things compete with the Glacier Express in terms of pure, raw beauty. Running from the Eastern to Western Swiss Alps (or vice versa), your 8-hour rail journey begins in St. Moritz, Chur or Davos (summer only) and ends in Zermatt. So book now and freeze that smile.

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Why peak at one?

A Swiss Pass will let you travel on scenic rails all over Switzerland, including the Glacier Express with nothing more than a reservation. So think carefully. Is one day trip enough, or is it just the icing on the glacier?

IMPORTANT - Eurail pass holders will need an additional ticket for the portion between Disentis and Zermatt since that part of the route is privately owned. If you are holding a Eurail pass that includes Switzerland, you can still purchase a discounted ticket for the privately owned track on our website.

Wait! Do I need a reservation for my train trip?

The Glacier Express is the ideal way to travel from the eastern to the western Swiss Alps by train. Your 7½-hour journey begins either in St. Moritz, Chur or Davos (summer only) and takes you to Zermatt (or vice versa). This picturesque route is among the most popular scenic trains in Europe, so while reservations are required, it also pays to book early for availability. You can start requesting these reservations within 90 days of your travel date.

Glacier Express Train

Glacier Express Eurail Passholder Fare

No Swiss trip would be complete without this famous train link. The Glacier Express Eurail Passholder Fare from Rail Europe offers the option to travel on the private railway not covered by your Eurail pass.

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