Gatwick Express

Those London cabbies know everything, but they hope you don’t.

London Cabbies have a reputation for knowing everything. And they are remarkable, knowing all the London streets, surrounding areas and maneuvering their way around unexpected obstacles. Yet, some obstacles are more trouble than others. Like London traffic, which most travel books will tell you to avoid at all costs.

Fortunately, you can, and for a cost that’s quite reasonable. With the Gatwick Express from Rail Europe. It will take you to Victoria Station in downtown London in just 30 minutes in non-stop, air-conditioned, no-smoking comfort. Trains leave every 15 minutes during the day, with free porter service available at both ends. And full check-in facilities at Victoria station for American Airlines and British Airways are available for your return trip. So why travel by cab when you have a non-stop rail link between Gatwick airport and downtown London? Chances are, even a London cabbie wouldn’t do that.

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Gatwick Express Train

Gatwick Airport to Victoria Station in 30 minutes.

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Traveling from Gatwick Airport is easy and convenient.

Gatwick Express Train

In just 30 minutes travel from Gatwick Airport to Victoria Station.