First Great Western

Seating Options

While the train stock varies on the First Great Western, certain things do not. Like each Standard Class seat in your car has its own number to make finding your place easy. You’ll find odd numbers next to the window and even numbers next to the aisle. Still, if you need help finding your seat or any of the facilities on our trains, a member of the on-board staff will be happy to help.

And happy is what it’s all about. Especially since Standard Class is the most popular way of travel for the budget conscious. Which is why you’ll find everything has been done to make sure the car is as welcoming as the wallet is distant.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

Club 4 Seat

Four seats facing each other across a table.

Meals & Concessions

Great Western Bar Car

Our Standard Class travelers are all over the map. Literally. So we figured their hunger for things would be just as varied. That’s why most First Great Western high-speed services now have an Express Café or trolley service with a wide selection of hot and cold snacks, sandwiches, beverages, crisps and sweets. In the café, you’ll find a menu to satisfy any craving and any mealtime. You can even indulge in beer, wine or spirits assuming you’re both old enough to buy it and young enough at heart to want it.

And it’s all reasonably priced, just like your Standard Class ticket. Because who wants to save all that money on their seat just to waist it?

On Board Services

On-board services in Standard Class on our high-speed trains defy expectations. In addition to the comfortable, ergonomically designed seats and increased legroom, you’ll find a high level of customized travel options. Like a Family Car available on Saturdays, Sundays and during off-peak hours. Or frankly, just the opposite. A dedicated Quiet Car for optimum serenity. And there’s visible luggage racks and overhead storage so your creature comforts are never far away. And when you’re far away, well, how perfect is that?

(Please note that the above information refers to the high-speed trains only. Standard Class on other services may vary.)

Services at the Station

High-speed WiFi access is available in some of our main stations ( Bath Spa, Bristol Parkway, Bristol Temple Meads, Didcot Parkway, Exeter St Davids, Newbury, Plymouth, Reading, Slough, and Swindon), their waiting areas and platforms.

Who doesn't love easy emailing, surfing and downloading before boarding?