Seating Options

It’s incredible how rich life can feel, even while you’re saving money in Tourist Class. You’ll find a welcoming cabin with reclining seats and footrests, individual reading lights and audio/video. Plus, your luggage gets to stay nearby in racks at the end of the car or overhead. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing to keep you from relaxing and enjoying the spectacular scenery and friendly fellow travelers that surround you. You’ll arrive at your Mediterranean coast destination rested and ready to make the most of your stay. The Tourist Class of the Euromed. While the trip is affordable, you’ll find the memories and the comforts simply priceless.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

Meals & Concessions

Part of the joys of rail travel is the chance to fill up on rest and relaxation while still seeing the country you came to see. But that’s not something you can do if you can’t fill up your belly as well. That’s why every Euromed train has a café car full of tempting goodies, sandwiches, light bites and snacks available for purchase. Delights varied enough to satisfy the pickiest little eaters (…or the pickiest big ones). Plus you’ll find a range of drinks, juices, and sodas available for purchase. It’s even a great place to go for a sedate change of scenery if the stunning views are overwhelming your senses. Though you’ll still have to use your sense of taste to fully appreciate the surroundings.

On Board Services

Onboard services for Tourist Class passengers on the Euromed are all about enhancing an already terrific trip. They include a full-service crew to help with any questions and audio/video services to help you pass the time. Video monitors are in every car, with headphones distributed by the crew (or you’re free to use your own in the standard outlet found at every seat).

Services at the station

Major stations in Spain will vary, but you’ll find shops, information centers and luggage services available in most. Many also have stunning architecture worth more than a run through. So why not get there early, drop off your luggage and enjoy?