Seating Options

If you’re already traveling to the Mediterranean coast, can life get any better? It seems so. Because a Preferente Class ticket on the Euromed adds an element of luxury and sophistication to your travel that pampers even the most jaded traveler. With comfortable recliner seating, footrests, generous legroom, individual reading lights and audio/video. Your luggage also travels comfortably close by, with luggage racks at the end of the car as well as overhead. But nothing can compete with the chance to really relax while totally enjoying the view, in complete contentment, feet up and undisturbed. You don’t have to fall asleep to see it. You, my friend, are living the dream.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

Solo Seat

A seat on its own next to the window with a pull-down table.

Meals & Concessions

It seems like everything inside the Preferente Class of the Euromed has a parallel outside. There’s the sparkling of the Mediterrainian outside your window, and the sparkling glassware of your welcome drink inside your cabin. There’s the expansive landscape outside and the multitude of choices available for purchase from the trolley service or bar-buffet car. Of course, meal and drink selection varies in accordance with the time of day and some shorter distanced trips may not have food service. Yet, there is one thing that is decidedly without parallel on the Euromed and that is, quite simply, the service.

On Board Services

Onboard services for Preferente Class passengers on the Euromed are all about optimizing an already restful trip. They include a wide selection of complimentary newspapers and magazines, a full-service crew and audio/video services. Headphones will be distributed by the crew, or you’re free to use your own in the standard outlet found at every seat.

Services at the station

Your Preferente Class ticket allows you lounge (Sala Club) access at the following stations: Madrid Puerta de Atocha, Madrid Chamartin, Barcelona Sants, Cordoba, Sevilla Santa Justa, Malaga, Alicante, Albacete, Camp de Tarragona, Castellón, Lleida/Lerida, Murcia, Valencia Joaquín Sorolla, Valladolid Campo Grande and Zaragoza Delicias. Sala Clubs are fully air-conditioned, have newspapers, magazines, music, TVs, restrooms, phones and a self-service cafeteria. In the main part of major stations you’ll also find information centers, shops and luggage services.