Eastern European

Seating Options

Included with your Prague-Budapest train ticket is a large, comfortable seat and a distinguished atmosphere. On most major routes, there’s a Bar-buffet car with food/drinks for purchase (you can confirm this at the station before departure).


Club 2 Seat

Two solo seats facing each other across a table.

Club 4 Seat

Four seats facing each other across a table.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

Meals & Concessions

Your catering choices traveling through Eastern Europe are as varied as the places you can visit. On most trains and major routes, you’ll find a variety of meals or snacks for purchase in a variety of ways. It could be that the train you’re on has a dining car, providing a change of scenery inside the train as well. On board, you’ll also find roving cabin-to-cabin refreshment services offering the chance to buy an assortment of drinks and snacks.

On Board Services

Most trains include ergonomic seats and free newspapers. If a particular service is important to you, check with each country’s rail network to confirm its specific on-board services and amenities.

Services at the Station

Though no check-in is required, expect that platforms may close a minute or two before departure. Most major stations will offer shops, dining options, locker rentals and information centers. Smaller stations may only offer a ticket counter. Travelers with first class reservations have access to the Business Lounge in the Budapest Keleti pu station and the CD Lounge in the Prague Hlavni station.