East Coast

East Coast

What besides a richly traditioned, centuries-old monarchy connects the varied regions of Britain? The East Coast Main Line. A bustling 393-mile high-speed rail linking London, Peterborough, Doncaster, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, and beyond. Its route forms a key north-south artery on the eastern side of Britain and shepherds commuters to and from the north side of London. This vibrant combination of cross-country travelers and local residents allows this line its robust schedule and frequent departures, as well as plenty of native flavor for the visitor.

And regardless of your destination, this is traveling in comfort- from the relaxing environs of first class to the friendly atmosphere of the bustling standard class. Either way, you’ll arrive at Britain’s greatest cities and towns refreshed and ready to rule your day. Whether it’s a day filled with sightseeing, meetings or cementing your position as a world-class anglophile.

As always, an experience infused with 100 years of booking expertise to pave the way. And in a country that takes its traditions very seriously, well, that’s one Rail Europe is happy to own.


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View of the River Ouse

Enjoy the view of the River Ouse from Ouse Bridge