East Coast

Seating Options

There’s nothing like being in a foreign country and immersing yourself in the language. Even if it is English. That’s only part of the charms of traveling aboard the East Coast. You’ll sit among locals and fellow travelers on this unique train, this wondrous mix of commuters and Britannia adventurers. With a route that includes the most vibrant cities and quaintest villages, you’ll find yourself becoming an expert on the local accents. And you’ll do it all from the comfort of a welcoming seat on board a bright, friendly train.

Plus, each standard car seat has its own number (odd numbers are next to the window, even numbers are next to the aisle) so finding your spot in the world is easy. And there’s always our on-board staff to assist you.

So come on. That accent you don’t have? They’ll love it, too.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

Club 4 Seat

Four seats facing each other across a table.

Meals & Concessions

Travel makes everyone hungry. But the East Coast makes sure you don’t have to stay that way thanks to the Cafe Bar. With a wide range of delicious sandwiches, seasonal options and healthy choices that reflect the demand for quality British cuisine and available local produce at affordable prices. Breakfast has been extended to include fresh and yummy options like porridge and warm Danish pastries. Thirsty? You’ll find coffee, tea and hot chocolate. And rest assured, there’s plenty to satisfy that sweet tooth.

You can also have a crew member check to see if there’s room in the Restaurant car. There you can enjoy innovative and distinctive localized menus, as well as truly personal service. The East Coast route. It gives more than your eyes something to feast on.

On Board Services

As part of the on board services included In Standard Class, travelers will get their first 15 minutes of WiFi use free of charge. But we’ve made it easy if you want to stay connected. Just extend your service for a low fee. All in all, another great connection on the East Coast train.

Services at the station

No one likes waiting in line. That’s why we’ve made it avoidable. With your print at station ticket, you can head directly to the ticketing kiosk, print your ticket and board your train. No lines. No waiting. No worries.