Deutsche Bahn (Germany)

Ride a Deutsche Bahn train. Explore all that is Germany.

Travelers agree (perhaps that’s why over two billion passengers are served each year!) that seeing Germany by train on Deutsche Bahn (DB) trains may very well be the best way to explore the country. Germany’s rail system, the Deutsche Bahn, is extraordinarily efficient, and it is possible to visit almost every city in Germany by rail. Let the Deutsche Bahn’s eclectic offerings transport you from the busiest metropolis to the quaintest villages. Take a glide-ride on a high-speed 174 mph flagship, Germany Intercity Express (ICE) train and connect to all major German cities including Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Cologne. And now Rail Europe offers the same DB train tickets and fares in North American as are sold in Germany, including access to a vast schedule selection. For your convenience, e-ticketing options are also available. Need some quality “shut-eye?” With Germany’s City Night Line overnight trains get to your destination relaxed and refreshed. And the Deutsche Bahn Intercity trains travel to all major city centers, as well as connecting to such neighboring countries as Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. And you can even save time mingling with the locals. The double-decker S-bahn trains offer faster journey times and make the transition from local to long-distance travel fun and effort-free.

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ICE bar car

Invigorating drinks. Refreshing conversation. Cool atmosphere.

City Night Line Single Compartment

First Class compartments accommodate one or two travelers.

ICE speeding through the station

The ICE connects all major German cities.

City Night Line Restaurant Car

Enjoy the full-service restaurant until midnight.

ICE women on the train

Get ready for the day ahead.