Seating Options

In the Standard Class car on the CrossCountry, you’ll find comfortable seats similar to coach class on an airline. Still, there are a few fine exceptions when you take the train. One, you’re free to move around. Not that you’ll be cramped and feel like you have to, but you can stretch your legs should you want to. No takeoff or landing stay-in-your-seat-and-don’t-move exemptions, no waiting for the seat belt light to get turned off. Which means both you and your tray table can be in the upright position any time you want. You’ll also find a bathroom at the entrance of every car, so you don’t have to wait to go there either. And luggage racks so your stuff can travel with you.

It’s you, your freedom and your luggage, all together in a bright family-friendly car for the budget conscious. So there’s no separation anxiety. Not even from your money.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

Club 4 Seat

Four seats facing each other across a table.

Meals & Concessions

Trolley service in 2nd Class

You’ll find the snacking easy on the CrossCountry. With tasty items available for purchase from a roving snack trolley. Enjoy noshing from a selection of small bites, sweet and salty snacks and refreshing drinks. Of course, you can also bring anything on board that you may have purchased at the station for your journey. (Think of it as the adult version of the goody bag.)

With the scenery changing and the great camaraderie and comfort of the train, you’ll find your appetite for all life has to offer being satisfied. So naturally, it only makes sense that your stomach be just as fulfilled along the way.

On Board Services

On-board services in the CrossCountry Standard Class are similar to that of coach class on an airline. In the entrance of every car, you’ll find a restroom at one end and handy luggage racks at the other. Some routes also offer a quiet coach option for the ultimate in restfulness.

Services at the station

Individual stations will vary, but most offer information & ticketing counters, waiting areas, and a luggage office or storage lockers so you can enjoy the surrounding shops and restaurants unencumbered.