City Night Line Train

On the City Night Line, have an overnight experience like no other.

The City Night Line overnight train allows you to make the most of your time during your European holiday. You’ll save daylight for sightseeing by traveling overnight, as well as the cost of a hotel room. And you’ll arrive in the city center, not some far away airport requiring more time and money to reach town.

Of course, a service like this is only worthwhile if it’s comfortable. And rest assured, you’ll sleep in complete comfort on this train that links Switzerland and Italy or Germany (including domestic German overnight trains) and many of the surrounding countries as well. Wind your way from Munich to Amsterdam, Berlin to Zurich, or from Munich to Rome.

Accommodations on this night train include deluxe compartments, economy compartments, couchettes for four or six travelers, individual reclining seats or individual second class seats.

Rail Europe can help you find reasonable fares and flexible schedules for City Night Line trains.

  • wake-up service from a crew member who assists passengers in each car
  • safe, secure cabin doors that are equipped with smartcard locks- safe, secure corridors monitored by closed
  • circuit television
  • non-smoking cars
  • bicycle transport for an additional fee
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