City Night Line

Seating Options

The second class car on the City Night Line has a range of sleeping options at varied budget levels. Whether you’re papa bear, mama bear, or looking for the one that’s “just right”, they’re all here. You have choices from compartments for one to four people, to couchettes for three, four or six people, to reclining seats or second class seats. So, sweet dreams? We’ve practically made it a certainty.

City Night Line Couchette & Reclining Seats

Please note: this seating chart is a representation of an Economy car. Your actual train may have slight variations in the number of seats, restrooms, or table placements.

Reclining Seat

A generous tilting seat with adjustable head & footrests.

Triple (T3) Compartment

Three beds in a compartment, upper-middle-lower on one wall, with a wash basin, individual reading lights, and linens. These are all-male or all-female -unless a party of 3 is traveling together.

City Night Line couchette

Couchette (T6) Compartment

Six beds in a compartment, upper-middle-lower on opposite walls with individual reading lights. These are not divided by gender, but some trains do offer ladies-only options.

City Night Line Quad

Quad (T4) Compartment

Four beds in a compartment, two each on opposite walls, with a wash basin, individual reading lights, and linens. These are divided by gender - meaning all-male or all-female - unless a party of 4 is traveling together.

Meals & Concessions

City Night Line bar car

The City Night Line is for travelers whose cravings include getting the most out of a trip. They’re people with a large appetite for life, and the hunger that goes with it. That’s why we’ve made being able to get a great meal on board a priority. You can order coffee, tea, croissants and rolls from the service staff for the perfect continental breakfast to start the day.

On Board Services

On board the City Night Line, you’ll find an extraordinary level of service that includes personalized wake-up service from a dedicated cabin assistant, secure compartment doors with smartcard locks, corridors monitored by closed circuit tv, and toilets at both ends of the coach. Each car is non-smoking and your compartment will have an internal telephone for crew assistance.

Services at the Station

At the station you’ll find a welcome crew on the platform. Check-in will happen within your train compartment, with travel documents and passports collected and returned in the morning.