Viva Spain! Viva the AVE train – A new take on travel awaits you!

Looking to explore the beauty that is Spain? The AVE is a high-speed train connecting cities in Spain, so that travelers can experience all that the illustrious region has to offer. Plan on breathing the fresh air of Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona and our newest destination, Valencia, just 1 hour, 38 minutes from Madrid. Effortlessly coast from city to city inside one of the window-lined, high-tech cars of the AVE.

Known for its speed, reasonable fares and flexible schedules, the AVE remains the ideal form of transportation for savvy travelers looking for an unparalleled Spanish experience. Take advantage of the rail and design a trip that takes you from the breathtaking monuments of Madrid to the art and design of Barcelona and the fine cuisine in Seville.

Ticket control and passport checks will occur at the station before boarding the AVE train. Note that the gate closes 2 minutes prior to the trains’ departure time and the entire train is non-smoking.

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Barcelona Madrid 04

Enjoy onboard entertainment with video screens.

Barcelona Madrid 08b

Great scenery outside. Great scenes inside.

Barcelona Madrid 12

Restrooms in every car.

Barcelona Madrid 16

Daydreams included: Cities, countryside, mountains and beaches.

Barcelona Madrid 02

Onboard amenities include personal attendants and bar cars.

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