Allegro: Enjoy high speed travel from Helsinki to St Petersburg

Now you can go from Helsinki, the “mini” St. Petersburg, to the actual St. Petersburg in just 3 ½ hours. That’s the route of the amazing high-speed Allegro. Started in December 2010, speeds of up to 140 mph have cut travel times in half while uniting these two great cities in Finland and Russia. While Helsinki was built using some of the same architects as St. Petersburg in an effort to copy it, you’ll find these vibrant metropolises have unique flavors all their own. Art lovers can visit both the Finnish National Gallery filled with the best Finnish masterpieces as well as the world-famous Hermitage with its vast collection of European masters. Once an imperial capital, you’ll arrive in downtown St. Petersburg rested and free to wander this birthplace of the revolution. The modern-day capital city of Helsinki will be just as welcoming. Arriving in the center of town, you'll find this global design capital ripe for exploration.

And while it’s true “Allegro” means quick tempo, don’t let the speed of this train fool you. The memories of this trip will be anything but fleeting.

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The Allegro train en route


The Allegro train traveling through the beautiful countryside.

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