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Train Stations in The Netherlands

You’re about to book your trip to the Netherlands like a Dutch master.

Incredibly, you’re going to know everything there is to know about booking rail in the Netherlands very soon. In fact, you’ll be the expert of your own itinerary. Of course, we’re going to help. Just enter your journey and see all your scheduling options as well as instant pricing. You can even decide if you’re better off with a country pass than city-to-city tickets because you’ll have all the information right at your fingertips. So get ready. You’re about to be the picture of perfect planning.

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Perhaps you’d enjoy a more varied palette?

It’s never been easier to travel to other countries from the Netherlands. Or more affordable. A rail pass gives you easy access to the neighbors, with much more flexibility than a regular ticket could provide. So check out the passes below. And experience rail travel elevated to an art form.

Wait! Do I need a reservation for my train trip?

Feel free to hop on and off trains within the Netherlands and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg) without reservations using your pass. But reservations are recommended when traveling on international trains outside of Benelux. And they are required when taking high-speed trains such as Thalys or TGV and on overnight trains. Reservations are at an additional cost and can be requested within 90 days of your travel date.

Canal Boat

Amsterdam by canal: that should float your boat.

Why not navigate Amsterdam by canal? With a Canal Bus Day Pass you can freely hop on and off any of three water routes with stops by major museums, attractions and shops.