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Book a Romanian hotel? Only Dracula thinks you should wait.

If you procrastinate booking a hotel, well, that could really be a horror. Because the truth is, Romanian hotels can be fairly uneven in terms of quality. With drastic differences between accommodations of almost equal price. That’s where Rail Europe can help. Nothing spooks us, not even such a tricky network. We’ll make sure you get a room to meet your expectations, even in terms of budget. For instance, in Bucharest’s chain hotels, we’re able to use our considerable connections to negotiate your best deal. And with smaller inns in villages around Transylvania, you’ll find our expertise will still come into play. Helping lock in the lowest rates and assuring you’ll have the amenities that are important to you, like air conditioning; things you might take for granted elsewhere. So let’s book now- the earlier, the better. Before it becomes a real pain in the neck.

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