Waterfront sophistication in Norway

Study Viking invasions, then go occupy a room. Norwegian hotels

Maybe it’s the Viking history, but things in Norway’s hotels sure are buttoned up. Generally, they include huge buffet breakfasts after a night in a spotless room. And service tends to be very attentive. Then again, Vikings weren’t known for their patience, but they were known for being mercenary, a trait that would serve you well in booking a hotel. Because he who hesitates, loses. The best rooms, the best views, the best rates. You get the idea. And if you book right now with Rail Europe, the only thing you’ll lose is the chance of being disappointed. Because Rail Europe can make sure the room you want is the room you get. From modern, Scandinavian design to rustic, wood-beamed chalets. So, let’s get started.

Youth Travelers in Paris

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