Czech Republic

Ride the Rails in Czech Republic

Many North American travelers visiting the Czech Republic only go to the capital city Prague. And understandably so. It’s one of Eastern Europe’s most grandiose destinations. Take advantage of some great connections between Prague and neighboring capitals: the trip from Berlin or Vienna takes about 5 hours; and, an overnight train links Paris and Prague. If you're traveling to the Czech Republic and beyond, you might also want to consider either the Eurail Global or Eurail Select Pass, offering you connections to neighboring countries.

For those wanting to explore more of the Czech Repubic, the train is a great way to do so. SuperCity tilting trains are the fastest and most recent addition to the Czech rail service. They operate on two very popular routes (Prague to Pardubic, continuing either to Brno, Breclav, and Vienna; or to Olomouc and Ostrava). Brno and Olomouc are well-traveled destinations, offering lots to do while being easy to get to. First class is a good choice: not only is it comfortable and elegant, but you get to do your annoying (or so we’ve heard) James Bond imitation. (You do remember the train 007 rode in Casino Royale…) EuroCity or InterCity trains also offer a modest first class and deliver good comfort and speed. Reservations are recommended for these trains.

Want to check out some of the remote locales? Regional trains, nicknamed ‘osobni vlak’ (personal train), are your ticket. Speed is not their strong suit, but these trains travel a large number of cities and are nicely connected with SuperCity services and local transport. They’ll take you virtually anywhere in the Czech Republic at very competitive prices, especially when paired with your Czech Republic pass.

For more information on Czech Republic contact the Czech Republic Tourist Board.

Czech Republic Prague Bridge Tower

The famous Old Town Bridge Tower of Prague at night

Czech Republic Bohemia Castle

Visit one of the Czech Republic's Bohemia Castles

Czech Republic Prague Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge of Prague

Czech Republic Bohemia SkylineCzech Republic Prague Opera House

The majestic Prague Opera House at night


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