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Titlis, one of the top Swiss destination

Located in the very heart of Switzerland, the TITLIS Glacier Mountain peaks as high as 3,238 metres (10,623 ft.). All year round Mount TITLIS offers snow and ice experience on the highest viewpoint in Central Switzerland, making it an unforgettable experience. Ranked as one of the top Swiss and European destinations, Mount TITLIS is easy to reach.

About Switzerland

Hop on the train (0h50 from Lucerne or 1h50 from Zurich) to reach the mountain village of Engelberg, the starting point of your excursion to the summit. Engelberg is nestled at the end of a wild romantic mountain valley, encircled by green meadows, tumbling mountain streams and an amazing mountain panorama featuring snow-capped peaks.
Take the cable cars and gondolas which will whisk you from the green pastures of the valley to the icy paradise high up on the glacier of the Swiss Alps. The 40-minute trip up to the summit is an adventure in itself.
The TITLIS Rotair, the world’s first revolving gondola, offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the mountains in all their glory.
Experience the thrill of the TITLIS Cliff Walk which takes place at 3,041 metres above sea-level and 500 metres off the ground. The TITLIS Cliff Walk holds the record for being the highest suspension bridge in Europe.
Up on the TITLIS Glacier Park, you can look forward to fun in the snow all year round. Take a ride on the Ice Flyer chairlift for awesome views of the deep blue glacier crevasses followed by a stroll along the 150 metre long corridor in the TITLIS Glacier Cave, found 20 metres below the surface of the glacier.

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