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Sorrento, the land of colours and mermaids

Sorrento, the land of colours and mermaids

Sorrento is an Italian town located in the bay of Naples. It is a popular tourist destination thanks to amazing landscape. Between the sea and mountain, deep valleys and stunning landmarks, you will no doubt have an in ideal holiday. Sorrento and the surrounding region is also famed for thermal spas, beaches and trekking activities.

About Italy

The best way to see the beauty of the region is by hiking along the trails of the peninsula. The natural beauty of the Sorrento region will amaze you. You will also learn about the region’s rich history, visit ancient farmhouses and go through lemon and olive groves. After a day of trekking, the best thing to do is to relax in a Spa or do some shopping in Sorrento’s historical centre. You will find many artisanal shops with most products made in Italy.

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