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Palermo, the capital of Sicily

Palermo, the capital of Sicily

Palermo is the most important city in Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean sea and an autonomous region of Italy. The city is well known for its rich culture, history and cuisine.

About Italy

Palermo is a top destination for holidays. Just like the thousands of people who have been charmed by Palermo, you will no doubt love its weather, landmarks and gastronomy. Discover landmarks such as the Palermo Cathedral, the 12th century Capella Palatina and the Church of Saint Catherine. Wander in its gardens and fantastic markets or have a stroll by the beach front.

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Starting in rome & ending in paris (rome to palermo, palermo to rome, travel around italy, rome to paris, paris to bordeaux, (...) My wife and I are planning a 2 month trip and would like to travel by train as much as possible. Out tentative travels include: Rome to Palermo, Sicily and return A month traveling around Italy, taking trains when possible Rome to Paris (...)

Bill Baridon | 16 May 2006 complete | 1 Comments
Florence to sicily last family trip :) Is there train from Florence to Palarmo? We are traveling in July till 2nd week August. We are flying into Napels want to see Rome, Sorrento and Amailfi Coast. From there we need to get to Florence stay with family for 6 days and travel to (...)

Maria Buccellato Curcio | 14 February 2021 complete | 1 Comments
Credit for travel Hi, I always travel eurail but the last time I p urchased a sleeper from rome, Italy to Palermo, scilily and it turned out no transportation was running due to a strike I was told when I rebook eurail again to let the agent know and I would get (...)

carmel | 13 November 2021 complete | 1 Comments
Amalfi coast, sorrento and pompeii We are flying into Rome, FCO, our desitnation is Positano. What is the best way to get there by train?

Linda | 12 April 2005 complete | 17 Comments
Travelling from palermo to salerno Hi, I am travelling from Palermo to Salerno in September by train, where is the easiest place to book a ticket and can I also book a seat at the same time. I assume they go across on the ferry, as it is an 8 hour journey is there refreshment (...)

Christine Shaw | 13 February 2013 complete | 3 Comments

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