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Narbonne, a lovely city in southern France close to the sea

Hometown of the great singer Charles Trénet, the southern french city of Narbonne benefits from a mediterranean climate and from the comforting sunshine of Languedoc-Roussillon, in the Aude department. Dive in the smell of rosemary flower and enjoy the pleasures of the sea.

About France

During Antiquity, Narbonne was at the crossroad between Italy and Spain, and hence attracted a lot of trades. This dynamic seems to have remained continuous up to the 14th century.

The town still bears the marks of History, which you can witness in the old town as well as with its impressive cathedral, and the Arcbishop’s Palace. Take the time to join the crowd during the market days under the Halles, or during a match of rugby, which is very popular in Narbonne and its region.

Of course, at only 15 kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea shores, it will be hard to resist to a bath.

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