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A Swiss-Italian masterpiece

A Swiss-Italian masterpiece
Locarno, located at the northern tip of lake Maggiore, is a wonder of meteorology, beauty, and peacefulness. Its subtropical climate lends itself to lush greenery, flowers, palm trees and lemon trees. And its proximity to Italy means that Locarno’s official language is actually Italian.

Be sure to check out the Astrovia Locarno, a scale model of the solar system spanning a full four miles. Still looking to see more stars ? Come to the Piazza Grande in August and enjoy the annual Locarno Film Festival.

As for Locarno’s beauty, well, it’s simply breathtaking, whether you’re talking about the old or the new. There’s the 12th century Castello Visconteo on the edge of the old town, rumored to be designed by Leonardo DaVinci. A picturesque walk behind the Piazza Grande will take you to the medieval castle and archeological museum.
As for enjoying the views, why wait till you get there ? When you take the train, you can be transported in speed with nothing but splendor outside the windows to concentrate on. It’s a way for you to see more of Switzerland, on your way to seeing more of Switzerland. On the train, you’re with like-minded travelers, you’re free to move about, and you get to pay attention to the company and the views. And fast ? You can go from Milan to Locarno is less than 2 hours on Trenitalia and going from Locarno to Zurich is only 2 hours, 39 minutes.

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Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Locarno.

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