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Leipzig, a city of music

Leipzig, a city of music

Leipzig is located in eastern Germany, at the confluence of the rivers White Elster and Parthe. The city is the capital of Saxony, with history dating back to 1000 years. It is a city that has a rich musical tradition. Famous artists like Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert and Clara Schumann all worked.

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There are a lot of landmarks to visit when you are in town. A few of them not to be missed are the old city hall and the market place, the Moritz Bastion, the St Thomas Church, and the Monument to the Battle of the Nations.

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Sal | 17 February 2004 complete | 2 Comments
Why don't all trains show? I have noticed that many routes that are mostly served by regional trains like TER in France and Renfe in Spain are not available using your site, on the other hand if I go to the national web site of that company, for example ter-sncf I can (...)

Carlos Pratt | 12 March 2010 complete | 50 Comments
Booking the cnl from leipzig to frankfurt with a german rail pass. can we book the deluxe compartment with our 2nd class rail (...) My husband and I want to take CNL from Leipzig to Frankfurt with German Rail Pass (10 days in a month). I have checked on DB website, and found the train we would like to book. However, I could not find the saver price with German Rail Pass. (...)

Sandy | 15 October 2001 complete | 1 Comments

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