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Dortmund, a fascinating German city

Dortmund, a fascinating German city

Dortmund is located in the north west of Germany. It has a rich industrial history and today is one of the most important commercial and cultural hub of the region. Dortmund is the 8th most important German city and is home to many interesting museums, captivating landmarks and one of the most popular football teams in Europe.

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When you arrive in Dortmund, you had head to the Westenhellweg, where you will find a wide range of local boutiques and department stores. It is the perfect place to indulge in some shopping. In fact, Dortmund is the place to be for people in the surrounding region when it comes to shopping. Visit the Brückstraße quarter, located in the north of the city. You will find artists, musicians and people who crave for culture and creativity. Don’t miss a football match involving the local team – Borussia Dortmund – at its local stadium called Signal Iduna Park.

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