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Briancon, gain altitude !

The highest city of France, Briancon, is at an altitude of 1326 meters. With about 12 000 inhabitants, the town of the Hautes-Alpes is only 15km away from Italy. Its Vauban fortifications are listed to the UNESCO world heritage since 2008.

About France

Two charming historic monuments deserve your visit: the Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Nicolas parish church and the old Cordeliers church from the 14th century.

Enjoy a walk in the "Grande Gargouille" street, dating from the 18th century, where you will discover the lovely "Fontaine des Soupirs" (also called "Fontaine de François Ier"). You will feast your eyes with the facades and roofs of the "Maison du Temple", built in 1575. Follow the upper walkway to the terrace of the castle fort where you will find an imposing statue of Bourdelle, a famous French sculptor of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Briancon is also a ski resort belonging to the resort of Serre Chevalier easily reached by train.

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Train rides to ski resorts from france? I would like to experience skiing in the Alpes (mostly in France) for about 3 months. I am thinking of basing myself out of Grenoble or Briancon or Lac Annecy and taking the train to the various resorts. Does anyone have any advice on how to (...)

Cheekwan Ho | 12 February 2007 complete | 6 Comments

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    "I travelled second class on TER from La Brillanne Oraison to Briancon. It was a punctual, efficient service. The second class carriage was sufficient but not luxurious. "