Brittany French Crepes

French Crepes Made in Brittany


Food in Europe Just 2.5 hours away from Paris, Rennes, the capital of the Bretagne region, is both savory and sweet. Come taste a different side of France that’s filled with tradition. Read More

French Food

Comparing French and Italian Food


Food in Europe Blog post comparing French and Italian cuisines. Italian food is more focused on the ingredients rather than the technique, and tastes lighter thanks to prodigious use of olive oil. French cuisine relies heavily on butter (hence, those divine cream sauces.) Read More

Paris, France

Visit Paris, where everyday is Valentine’s Day!


Things To Do Before you make that reservation at a très chic, crowded restaurant for Valentine’s Day, or try to figure out how to sum up your feelings in 200 characters or less for a card attached to overpriced roses, why not consider looking into a trip to Paris? The memories will last much longer than that fancy box of chocolates! Read More

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