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Comments on: Neuschwanstein: Visit the Castle From Munich, Then Travel to Vienna & Prague https://blog.raileurope.com/9702-neuschwanstein-visit-the-castle-from-munich Travel Tips & Inspiration from Rail Europe Fri, 27 Nov 2015 04:01:52 +0000 hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.5 By: Anastazja https://blog.raileurope.com/9702-neuschwanstein-visit-the-castle-from-munich#comment-8336 Sun, 27 Sep 2015 20:08:08 +0000 http://blog.raileurope.com/?p=9702#comment-8336 Thank You for wonderful list of castles. But have you ever visit Polish palaces?
I would recommend everybody to get to know with the ancient beauty of Polish architecture. Niemodlin Castle is absolutely amazing, it can’t be missed by anyone who wants to see the real beauty of the past.
I am totally sure that this is one of the most memorable and fascinating historic landmarks in Poland.

By: Anil Kawatra https://blog.raileurope.com/9702-neuschwanstein-visit-the-castle-from-munich#comment-7644 Mon, 13 Oct 2014 08:57:00 +0000 http://blog.raileurope.com/?p=9702#comment-7644 Hi,
I will be travelling to Bavaria region in Germany probably to Garmeisch Partenkirchen in FEB 2015 for 5 nights with my wife ,Son 23yrs & Daughter 22yrs. Please suggest which tow shall we stay and what all we should visit & see.
Thanks in advance.

By: Konig Ludwig https://blog.raileurope.com/9702-neuschwanstein-visit-the-castle-from-munich#comment-7566 Sun, 09 Feb 2014 05:13:00 +0000 http://blog.raileurope.com/?p=9702#comment-7566 How To Travel To Neuschwanstein is easy by train


By: Jan Kalina https://blog.raileurope.com/9702-neuschwanstein-visit-the-castle-from-munich#comment-7264 Thu, 01 Nov 2012 18:42:00 +0000 http://blog.raileurope.com/?p=9702#comment-7264 I travel a lot and have to say that it´s difficult to say if travalleing by bus is better than by train. It depends where you are going and what comfort you prefere. Bus can be quicker, definitelly but on the other hand you can´t usually find such a comfort in buses as in trains. But one thing I know :) If coming to Prague http://www.movetoprague.com is here to help you with everything :)