High-Speed Rail News: England’s HS2 line from London to Birmingham Approved

High Speed Rail Around The World: Who’s Miles Ahead?

We all know about the efficiency and widespread networks of high-speed tracks in Europe. And now the rest of the world is catching up, especially China, which may be poised to become the planet’s high-speed leader. Even America is continuing to open the conversation. Read these stories and more in our latest roundup of high-speed rail news from around the world.

Southeastern High Speed Train

Southeastern High Speed Train departing from St Pancras Station © mattbuck4950 http://www.flickr.com/people/mattbuck007/

  • China Under Construction: With nearly 4,000 miles of high speed lines, China is leading the fast track pack. There’s almost 3,000 miles currently under construction, and a further 1800 miles in the pipeline. To compare – all of Europe has just over 4,000 miles currently in operation. What other countries are leading the boom?
  • London to Birmingham in 49 Minutes: despite strong opposition to the project, the £33B (yes, with a B) has been given the go-ahead by the government. The new link between the two cities should be operational by 2026, and create jobs, growth and prosperity in the region. Transport Secretary Justine Greening called the line, “The most significant transport infrastructure project since the building of the motorways.” And this is just the first of many new connections associated with this project.
HS2 Rail Line Map

England's High Speed 2 network © UK Department For Transport

  • High Speed Touted in Big Texas: Depending on traffic, the trip from Temple to the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport takes two to three hours. But if the Texas High-Speed Rail and Transportation Corporation has its way, that time could get cut to as little as 25 minutes, thanks to a train speeding as fast as 220mph. The idea gaining the most traction is the “Texas T-bone,” a 490-mile rail corridor connecting the state’s major airports. What’s driving this interest deep in the heart of Texas?
  • Illinois Awarded $186M For High Speed Project: The Great Lakes-Midwest economic region is the world’s fifth largest economy by GDP, and nearly100 million people live within 500 miles of each other, according to Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. The goal of the project goes beyond creating jobs; it will also reduce travel times and lower congestion on the roads. Construction is already underway…


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Vaněk/100001285825943 Richard Vaněk

    I wish best of luck English railways. Excuse me, In China could build ten times longer stretch of high-sped rail (1 318 km) from Beijing to Shanghai during 3 years. When the English will work as fast as the Chinese, build a long strench of 6 590 km high-sped rail instead of 140 km. I wish English railway good luck and customers a lot of patience. 

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