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and Calfiornia Tresurer Bill Lockyer at (916) 653-2995 to demand that they end
the boondoggle now, and Lockyer not sell bonds for this project. 

California Treasurer Bill Lockyer, the
California politician responsible for selling these CAHSR bonds, said on March
14, 2011 to an LA news reporter that no one is interested in buying CA HSR
bonds because the CAHSR is more interested in issuing bad PR, rather than
coming up with a sound business plan. Until there is a sound business plan, or
even a half-baked one, then no one will invest in this stinker of a project.
Interviewer asks: “so are investors saying we’re interested, but it doesn’t
look like you guys [CAHSR Authority] know what you’re doing” & Lockyer
responds: “that’s what they’re saying”; Interviewer: “what do you think?” &
Lockyer responds: “well, I think the same thing.” Lockyer also says “we don’t
have a [business] plan that makes sense” and “I don’t think the State of
California can sell these bonds”, and even though voters authorized the bonds,
the bonds don’t need to be sold and the project can be cancelled in 2011 or
2012 – see interview here: