Happy Holidays from Rail Europe!

Joyeux Noel! Buon Natale! Froeliche Weihnachten! That’s ‘Merry Christmas’ in French, Italian, and German, countries in which the Christmas markets and church festivities are quite the sights to see. No matter how you say it or which holiday you observe, the holiday season is a time for one thing: celebration. Celebrating what you have, who you love, and the little things that make life sweet. And the delicious food doesn’t hurt much, either.

The holidays are also about having a good time. Here’s a little something that we hope will make you laugh whether you’re recovering at home after too many of Grandma’s cookies or enjoying a cozy evening in your hotel room while celebrating the holidays abroad.

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  • Jim

    Hope this delightful Holiday posting will remain online for many years!

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