Valencia Tourist Card

Valencia Card

For the birthplace of paella, a smorgasbord of discounts.

Few things give quite as much easy access as the Valencia Tourist Card. It gives you free admittance to public buses and trams, as well as free or reduced admission at dozens of museums and monuments all over town. From the Bullfighting Museum to the Monastery San Miguel of Los Reyes. From the Cathedral of Valencia to the Cervello Palace. And the list goes on. Because in addition to easy and unparalleled access are the additional discounts offered on guided tours, car rentals, tourist services and entertainment. Simply decide if a 2 or 3 day card is right for you, then sightsee away. Why fumble for cash, figure out exchange rates or have transportation issues? Get the Valencia Tourist Card and make things as simple as they are economical. And thank Rail Europe. After all, who else could keep you from getting squeezed in Valencia?

Here’s what’s included:

    • A choice of 1, 2 or 3 day card.
    • Free travel on Valencia’s public transportation which includes, urban buses and trams within zone A and the Metro in zones A and B including Valencia Airport.
    • Free and discounted offers at museums, cultural venues, entertainment, leisure attractions, shops and restaurants.



    • Rail Europe voucher is exchanged for your Valencia Tourist Card.
    • Voucher must be exchanged within 6 months of purchase.
    • Card may only be used once at each attraction, with the exception of public transportation.
    • Child rates are valid for children ages 6 -12.
    • Prices are subject to change.
What are the free and discounted offers?

Museums and Monuments

  • Free entry to House of the Rocas
  • Free entry to Arab Baths of Admiral
  • Free entry to Cultural Center Bancaixa
  • Free entry to Monastery San Miguel of Los Reyes
  • Free entry to Valencia Mediterranean Cultural Center
  • Free entry to Museum & Exhibition Center Llardó (City of Porcelain)
  • Free entry to Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia (San Pio V)
  • Free entry to Bullfighting Museum
  • Free entry to Valencia Museum of Illustration & Modernity
  • Free entry to Torres de Quart 
  • 50% discount at Almudin
  • 50% discount at House of San Vicente Ferrer
  • 50% discount at House & Museum of Blasco Ibanez
  • 50% discount at House & Museum of Concha Piquer
  • 50% discount at House & Museum of Jose Benlliure
  • 50% discount at House & Museum of Semana Santa Marinera
  • 50% discount at Archeological Crypt of the Prison of San Vicente Martyr
  • 50% discount at Tossal Gallery
  • 50% discount at Valencia Institute of Modern Art & Center of Julio Gonzalez
  • 50% discount at Silk Market
  • 50% discount at Valencia Historical Museum
  • 50% discount at City Museum
  • 50% discount at Rice Museum
  • 50% discount at Carmen Museum
  • 50% discount at Fallero Museum
  • 50% discount at Historical Municipal Museum
  • 50% discount at Municipal Museum of Natural Science
  • 50% discount at National Ceramic & Art Sumptuary Museum of Gonzelez Marti
  • 50% discount at Cervello Palace (headquarters of the Municipal Historical Archive
  • 50% discount at Royal Atarazanas
  • 50% discount at Torres de Serranos
  • 15% discount at Valencia Museum of Natural History
  • 10% discount at Cathedral of Valencia
  • 10% discount at Museum of Ciences Principe Felipe

Attractions / Tours

  • 50% discount on Audio Guides for a full or 1/2 day
  • 50% discount on Turiart Historical Tour
  • 10% discount on Valencia Guides, walking tours and bike tours
  • 25% discount on Hotel Olympia Thermal Cercuit
  • 20% discount on entrance and drinks in the Black Note Club
  • 20% discount on Oblivium Relaxation Center on water therapy & 10% on massage therapy at the Relaxation Center
  • 20% discount on entrance to Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes
  • 20% discount on drinks at Las Animas Café Pub
  • 20% on drinks at Queens Pub
  • 10% discount on Segway Rentals in the Historic District
  • 10% discount on Segway Rentals for the Jardines del Turia
  • 10% discount on Turiart Visit of Tribunal of the waters
  • 20% discount on entrance to Valencia to the Sea
  • 10% discount at the Historical Museum of Ceramics / Cathedral
  • 10% discount on Marine World
  • 10% discount on Marine World Sunset Departure to the Sea
  • 10% discount on Landon Car
  • 10% discount on entrace to Loco Club
  • 10% discount on Tour Bus
  • 10% discount on Bioparc Valencia
  • 10% discount on Art Valencia Bike Tours
  • 5% discount on Art Valencia Tour through the historic center of Valencia
  • 10% discount on CAC. L Hemisferic & Oceanografic
  • 10% discount on CAC Museum of Ciencies Principe Felipe
  • VIP Treatment at Casino Monto Picayo


  • 10% discount on Argimiro Augilar Jewelry (not combinable with other offers)
  • 10% discount on CAC Hmisferic Shop
  • 10% discount on CAC Oceanografic Shop
  • 10% discount on Ciences Principe Fleipe Muséum & Shop
  • Small Gift at Lladro Shop


  • 12% discount at Mezzo & Mezzo at Hotel Holiday Inn Valencia
  • 10% discount at Arroceria Tiffany Gallery
  • 10% discount at Azahar Restaurant at Hilton Hotel
  • 10% discount at Bice Restaurant at Hilton Hotel
  • 10% discount at El Dossel at Hotel Sorolla Palace
  • 10% discount at Hojalata
  • 10% discount at L’ Hamadriada only at night
  • 10% discount at La Buleria Flamenco Show
  • 10% discount at La Salvaora
  • 10% discount at Mediterraneo
  • 10% discount at Va Vinis
  • 10% discount at Oceanos on Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights
  • 8% discount at Aitana at Hesperia Parque Central Hotel
  • 8% discount at Al Pomodoro
  • 8% discount at Amalur at Abba Acteon Hotel
  • 8% discount at Destino 56
  • 8% discount at Kailuze
  • 8% discount at L’anco Restaurant
  • 8% discount at La Mandarina at Expo Hotel
  • 8% discount at La Pappardella
  • 8% discount at La Retonda at Hotel Husa Reina Victoria
  • 8% discount at Les Dunes at Hotel Sidi Saler
  • 8% discount at Ocho y Medio
  • 8% discount at Palace Fesol
  • 8% discount at Rias Gallegas
  • 8% discount at Vinatea at Hotel Astoria
  • 7% discount at La Malquerida
  • 5% discount at Chez Lyon
  • 5% discount at Les Graelles
  • Free bottle of sparkling wine at El Canyar
  • Free Glass of Rice Water (horchata) at Carritos Mon Orxata

Car Rentals / Vehicle for Hire

  • 15% discount at A. Multirent
  • 15% discount at Little Car Rentals on Mini & Smart car rentals.
  • 15% discount at Valencia Holiday
  • 15% discount at Doyoubike - Bicycle Rental
  • 10% discount at Cyclotour Bike - Motocycle Rentals
  • 10% discount at Valencia Bikes - Bicycle Rental
Where can I exchange my Valencia Touist Card voucher?

The voucher can be exchanged at:

  • Tourist Info Reina. Plaza Reina, 19. 46002 Valencia.
    Open Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 7:00pm.
    Sundays & Public Holidays 10:00am - 2:00pm.
  • Tourist Info Ayuntamiento. Plaza del Ayuntamiento , s/n Town Hall Sqaure in front of Mailbox Building.
    Open Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 7:00pm.
    Sundays & Holidays 10:00am - 2:00pm.
  • Tourist Info Airport Regional Terminal.Arrival floor. 46940 Manises (Valencia).
    (March - October): Monday - Friday: 8:30am-8:30pm; Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 9:30am - 5:30pm.
    (November - February): Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 8:30pm; Saturday: 9:30am - 5:30pm; Sunday and Public Holidays: 9:30am - 2:30pm.
  • Tourist Info Joaquin Sorolla Railway Station (AVE high speed and long distance trains) San Vicente, 171.
    Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 8:00pm; Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10:00am - 6:00pm.