Milano Card

The Milano Card: Perfectly designed for visitors.

Everything about Milan is either perfectly designed or fashionable. Here’s a card that’s both. The Milano card. Valid for 48-hours on Milan’s public transportation network, it includes the metro, buses, trams within Milan, and even airport express buses. (Talk about saving euros!) As if being the fashionably frugal way to get around town isn’t enough it also entitles you to 3 days of discounts at selected restaurants and theaters, and many museums and monument admissions, bus and guided tours. But wait! There’s more! That 3 days of discounts also includes souvenir stores, money exchanges, hotels, bike rentals and medical assistance services. It’s a great way to get to everything you want to see, and get a break on most things you want or need to buy. Milan is known for its design genius, whether it’s clothes or industrial innovation. Here’s the card that adds travel to the list.

Here’s what’s included:

    • Card is valid for 48 hours of travel and 3 days of discounts in Milan.
    • The 48 hours of travel on Milan's public transportation network which includes metro, busses, and trams.
    • Free transportation on Linate Airport Express Bus (X73).
    • Discounts are offered on the Malpensa Express Airport Bus and Orio al Serio Airport Bus.
    • Discounts are offered at souvenir stores, restaurants, theaters, money exchange, hotels and many museums and monuments.
    • Discounts are offered on bike rentals, luggage service, bus tours and guided tours.
    • Free access to a 24 hour multilingual call center that can direct you to the best public or private medical facilities in Milan.



    • Exchange the Rail Europe voucher for your Milano Card.
    • Voucher must be exchanged within 3 months of the date of purchase.
    • Discounts and travel begin when your voucher is exchanged
    • Discounts are available locally.
    • Prices are subject to change.
    • Exchange location: Milan Tourism Point Office, located at the Milan Central Station on the mezzanine floor.
      • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday &  Friday: 9:00 am -1:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm.
      • Wednesday & Saturday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
      • Sunday: Closed
Where can I exchange my Milano Card voucher?

Milan Tourism Point Office

Located at the Milan Central Sation on the mezzanine floor.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday &  Friday: 9:00 am -1:00 and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm.
  • Wednesday and Saturday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

What are the discounted offers?


  • 10% discount on Look Mi - City Tour of Milan Autostradale P.Castello 1 (tel. +30 02.33910794). Morning and afternoon tours will visit the city and include a professional guide by bus. (Assured entry to see the LAST SUPPER.)
  • 10% discount on Walking Tour Autostradale P.Castello 1 (tel. +30 02.33910794). Tour is offered daily from May to October and includes a professional guide, visit to the city center and Scala Theatre.
  • 10% discount on Fidenza Outlet Village Autostradale P.Castello 1 (tel. +30 02.33910794). Daily for your shopping trip.
  • 10% discount on Tour on the Villas at Autostradale P.Castello 1 (tel. +30 02.33910794).
  • Cruise on Naviglio On Sunday and Monday from May/June to September. Cruise and visit the Morimondo Abbey.
  • 10% discount on Como Lake Tour at Autostradale P.Castello 1 (tel. +30 02.33910794) Tour is offered on Saturdays from April to October and will cruise the lake and visit the city.

All restaurants affiliated with MilanoCard offer the best typical Italian cuisine. The Menù MilanoCard offers typical Italian cuisine and will save you money, thanks to the special prices reserved when you use your MilanoCard.
  • Bagutta is located at Via Bagutta 14 and offers dinner for 40€.
  • Viscontea Pastry Shop is located at Via De Amicis 39 and offers breakfast for 5€, 10€ and 25€.
  • L'Uovo Di Colombo is located at Corso Buenos Aires 3 and offers dinner for 15€ and 30€.
  • Jamaica is located at Via Brera 32 and offers dinner for 25€ and 40€.
  • Bianca is located at Via Panizza 10 and offers lunch for 10€.
  • Pastry Shop Clivati is located at Via Coni Zugna 57 and offers breakfast for 5€ and 25€.
  • Centro Ittico is located at Via Martiri Oscuri 19 and offers dinner for 65€.
  • Trattoria Milanese is located at Viale Gorizia 30 and offers dinner for 30€.
  • Il Salotto is located at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and offers lunch for 30€.
  • Buongusto is located at Via Caminadella 2 and offers dinner for 25€.
  • Metropolitan is located at Via M.Gioia 73 and offers dinner for 15€ and 30€.
  • Galdina Pastry Shop is located at Via Terraggio 9 (in the courtyard) and offers breakfast for 5€.
  • Rifi Bistrot is located at Via Amedei 5 and offers breakfast and lunch for 5€ and 10€.
  • Emiliana Trotellini is located at Via Ariberto 17 and offers lunch for 10€ and 25€.
  • Al Grande Cerchio is located at Via Buonarroti 8 and offers dinner for 10€ and 40€.
  • Pane E Vino is located at Largo Carrobbio and offers breakfast and dinner for 5€, 10€, and 25€.
  • Brando is located at Via Washington 52 and offers dinner for 25€.
  • Pizzeria Da Cecco is located at Via Solferino 34 and offers dinner for 10€ and 30€.
  • Pizzeria Cerro Ardente is located at Via Monte Nero 16 and offers dinner for 10€ and 25€.
  • Il Cortese is located at Via Gherardini1and offers dinner for 25€.
  • Twelve is located at Via Sabotino 12 and offers dinner for 10€.
  • Santa Monica is located at Via Pattari 2 and offers lunch for 5€, 10€ and 25€.
  • Maison Espana is located at Via Montegani 68 and offers dinner for 10€.
  • Pizzeria Olona is located at Via Olona 17 and offers lunch for 10€.
  • 10% discount on breakfast and lunch at Bar Castello located at Piazza Castello.
  • BBQ is located at Via Sottocorno offers dinner for 40€.
Fast food
  • Spizzico offers a meal for 6,90€ at the following locations:
    • Piazza Duomo
    • Via Dante
    • Via Imbonati
    • Via Monte bianco
    • Via Dogana
  • 20% discount at Ciao Ristorante at the following locations:
    • Via Montebianco 54
    • Corso Europa 12
    • Via Dogana 2
    • Via Fabio Filzi 8
Restaurants and fast food at Station and Airports
  • 20% discount at Spizzico at the following locations
    • Malpensa Airport T1-T2; Linate
    • Cadorna Station
    • Central Station
  • 20% discount at Ciao Ristorante at Malpensa Airport T1-T2; Linate
  • 10% discount on table service at Sky Lounge Bar at the Central Station. 
  • 10% discount on table service at Motta at the Central Station. 
  • 5% discount on cloths at Del Mare 1911 at the following locations:
    • Corso Monforte 18
    • Corso Europa 13
    • Corso vercelli 11
    • Via Orefici 5
    • Corso di Porta Romana 44
  • 10% discount on books at San Paolo Book Shop at the Piazza Duomo.
Museums and Monuments
  • 50% discount at Museo d’Arte e Scienza located at Via Q.Sella 4.
  • 40% discount at Museo Pime located at Via Mosè Bianchi 94.
  • 30% discount at Branca Tower Via Camoens 2
  • 25% discount at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi located at Via Gesù 5.
  • 20% discount at Museo del Teatro alla Scala located at Via Filodrammatici.
  • Discount at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnologia located at Via San Vittore.
  • Discount at Museo di S.Ambrogio located at Piazza Sant Ambrogio.
  • Discount at  Fondazione A.Pomodoro located at Via Stendhal 36.
  • Discount at  Cappella Portinari located at Piazza S.Eustrogio.
  • Discount at  Fondazione Matalon located at Foro Buonaparte 67.
  • Discount at  Fondazione Mazzotta located at Foro Buonaparte 50.
  • 25% discount at the Auditorium located at Via San Gottardo 39.
  • 25% discount at Teatro San Babila located at Piazza San Babila.
  • 15% discount at Teatro Smeraldo located at Piazza 25 aprile 10.
  • Discount at Dal Verme located at Via San Giovanni sul Muro 2. 
  • 30% discount on exchange commission on Money Exchange at the Central Station and the Piazza Duomo.
  • 10% discount at Bike Sharing located at AWS Bici Via P.Seveso 33 .
  • 10% discount on Mobile Telephone SIM cards. Located at Centro Tim - Via Cusani 2 or Cadorna Station. Call your country with 0,20 €/min from your mobile phone.
  • 10% discount on the best hotel rates at with promotional code 01481830.
  • MilanoCard offers you 50 photos of your trip for free. Once you return home, upload your photos and add the promotional code. Then your 50 photos will be mail for free. (Please note: Free photos do not include shipping charge of 3,50€.)
  • MilanoCard offerr access to TNT Shipping Baggage that can assist with shipping your bags from Milan back home.