ekit European Cell Phone

ekit European Cell Phone. Pack home in your luggage

If you’re used to being wired all the time, it can be tough to go cold turkey on vacation. That’s why we offer GSM phone packages that work throughout Europe. Not just a phonecard, this deal gives you the phone- a GSM phone and SIM card that work globally. Rechargeable and convenient, you’ll be able to keep in touch with family, friends, and business contacts. And you’ll be able to keep the phone to use on future trips.

If you’re only interested in making and receiving calls and text messages, choose between the , the JT Journey Quad Band, the ekit 2D dual-band phone or the Android 3G quad-band phone. If you can’t live without access to your emails, the web and your favorite mobile apps, choose the JT Smart Android smartphone powered by Android.

All our phone packages come with the ekit SIM card, pre-loaded with $20 worth of voice or data communication. So pick up the phone. Trust us, it’s for you.

Here’s what’s included:

    • An JT Journey Dual-Band Phone, ekit 2D Quad-Band Phone or Android 3G Smart Phone.
    • Pay as you go Global Premium service or passport service SIM, good in over 180 countries.
    • A personal US number starting with +1 to be called from North America, and a global +44 phone number.
    • A FREE $20 calling credit and 30 minutes of toll-free calling to your international cell phone for family and friends.
    • It’s FREE to receive incoming calls in France, Italy, Spain and the UK (on your Global Number)
    • It’s FREE to listen to voicemail from over 60 countries.
    • It’s FREE to call 24/7 Customer Service from over 60 countries.
    • It’s FREE to receive your text messages (on your Global Number).
    • Prepaid Data in 150 countries from $0.39 per MB.
    • International text messages sent from $0.79 each.



    • Coverage: All the countries in Europe except Macedonia in addition to another 100 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, all the countries in the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, and most countries in South America, Asia and Africa (including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore). ekit phones can only be shipped within the United States and Canada. 
    • If not redeemed, ekit is refundable at 85% up to 6 months from date of issue.
    • Free ground shipping within the U.S. 48 States (Delivery is not available to hotels, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Delivery to Canada will incur an additional shipping fee.)
    • Prices are subject to change.
    Phone details:
    • JT Journey Quad Band Phone (coverage works anywhere in the world)
      • An unlocked Quad-band GSM Dual SIM/Dual with Global Premium SIM.
      • GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz Color Phone
      • Weight: 2.4 oz, Size: 4.2 x 1.9 x .5 inches
      • Talk time (up to): 5 hours
      • Standby time (up to): 7 days
      • SMS/MMS/WAP Internet
      • Micro SD card (up to 16GB)
      • 1.3MP camera
      • MP3 Player
      • Video recording
      • Bluetooth Technology
      • eBuddy App with Facebook Messenger Service
      • FM radio
      • Loudspeaker
      • 6 months warranty
    • ekit 2D Dual Band Phone Global Premium SIM (coverage does not include North America or Mexico)
      • An unlocked Dual-band GSM 900 / 1800 MHz
      • Weight: 1.9 oz , Size: 4.13 x 1.77 x .55 inches
      • Talk time (up to): 4 hrs
      • SMS Messaging
      • MP3 Player
      • Loudspeaker
      • 6 months warranty
    • Android 3G Quad Band Smart Phone + Global Premium Service SIM (coverage works anywhere in the world)
      • Large 3.5” color touch screen
      • 2 megapixel camera
      • Bluetooth capable
      • GPS
      • GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
      • Micro SD card (up to 32B)
      • Android operating System (Android OS v2.3)
      • Messaging (SMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM, RSS)
      • Internet browsing
      • Loudspeaker
      • Unlocked
      • 6 months warranty

    A note on delivery of your ekit European Cell Phone package

    The ekit ekit European Cell Phone package is fulfilled and shipped by ekit. If you purchase this phone from Rail Europe, you will receive an electronic voucher via email. Click here to redeem your voucher and arrange the delivery of your phone to the desired address.

    If you are ordering your phone with other Rail Europe products, the phone will be shipped separately by ekit. Phones can only be shipped to the USA or Canada. ekit offers free ground shipping within the continental U.S. 48 States. Delivery is not offered to Alaska, Hawaii, or to your hotel in Europe. Expedited delivery of your ekit phone will come at an additional charge and must be requested from ekit at the time your voucher is redeemed. The delivery method selected for your Rail Europe products does not apply to your phone. Please allow 3-5 days from the date of redemption of your voucher for ground shipping, and 1 day for expedited shipping.


    All risk associated with customer fraud or misuse of the virtual phone cards or vouchers shall pass to Rail Europe Customers upon provision of the virtual card or voucher provided by ekit. Ekit reserves the right to expire any virtual phone cards or vouchers that are not used within twelve (12) months of their provision. Ekit will maintain customer access to the paid features of the phone card account for up to six (6) months of customer inactivity and for the SIM card services nine (9) months of customer inactivity, at which point the customer must use a paid feature or recharge their account. Customers can have expired accounts balances re-instated if they contact ekit Customer Service and recharge their account.

    Complete Terms and Conditions of use should be reviewed here

Who is ekit?

ekit is Rail Europe’s selected telecommunication partner and a travel industry market leader in providing communication services for travelers. ekit's suite of communication services include: international mobile/cell phone packages, SIM cards, global phonecards, worldwide voicemail, email and travel services, and Online Travel Journal. All communication services can be used from more than 100 countries, including the United States. Possibly, ekit ships phones from their office and can only be shipped within the USA and Canada. Standard shipping of 5-6 business days is included for orders that are shipped in the USA. Orders that are shipped to Canada will cost $21 CAD. Orders sent in the USA can be upgraded to 3 business days shipping for $19 USD or Overnight Priority by 10:30 am for $48 USD.

Do I need to commit to a contract with ekit to use my phone?
No. There are no contracts or agreements. You own the phone outright and the voice and data communication services are pre-paid, so there are no surprise bills at the end of your trip.

Will I need to pay a shipping charge to receive my phone from ekit?
ekit offers free 5-6 day ground shipping for your phone within the continental U.S. 48 States. For delivery to Alaska, Hawaii or to Canada, a separate charge must be paid to ekit at the time you redeem your voucher. You can also chose to upgrade to 3 business days shipping for $19 USD or Overnight Priority for delivery by 10:30 am the next day for $48 USD. Since phones are shipped by ekit and not Rail Europe, the delivery option chosen for your Rail Europe products does not apply to your ekit phone.

What are the voice call rates for an ekit European Cell Phone with the Global Premium service?
Rates vary by country. They start at $0.99 per minute to call a landline or US cellphone, and $1.49 per minute to call a mobile phone. Sending a text message starts at $0.79. Receiving calls and text messages in many European countries is free. For specific rates per country, click here.

What are the data service rates for an ekit European Cell Phone with the Global Premium and Passport service?
Rates are based on kilobytes of data used, and start from $0.39 per MB for the Global Premium and $0.79 for Passport service. There is a minimum charge of 100KB, and usage is charged in increments of 10KB. For detailed rates per country click here.

International text messaging on the Global Premium is $.79.

Can I add more call or data credit to my phone while in Europe?
Yes. Adding additional minutes to your ekit phone is easy. Once you purchase your phone, you will receive email instructions to create an online account for your ekit service. You can login to your account at any time to view your current balance, usage history and purchase additional credit. You can also add credit by calling the 24/7-customer support from any phone, or for free using your ekit device.

Will people calling my cellphone be charged international calling rates?
No. You will be provided with a US toll free phone number from ekit that your friends and family can dial. All they need to do is enter your cell phone number when prompted, and the call will be forwarded directly to your cell phone.

Will my phone include an international phone charger?
No. The phone does come with a US power cable and charger, but you can purchase an international one when you redeem your ekit voucher.

How can I review my usage details?
You can review your usage details and receipts by signing into your online account. Your records are updated in real time.

Can I use my international cell phone at home or on future trips?

Yes. The phone is yours to keep. You can use it in the United States and many countries outside of Europe, making it perfect for your next trip.

How do I get my international cell phone?
Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email from Rail Europe with a link to a voucher for each product you have purchased. Follow the voucher instructions to enter your delivery details on the web page designated. Redeem your ekit voucher immediately to ensure delivery of your phone before you depart on your trip- do not leave it till the last minute. Once your ekit voucher is redeemed, your cellphone will be on its way.

IMPORTANT: You must provide your delivery details on the designated web page; otherwise your phone cannot be delivered.

Can I buy an ekit phone if I am in Europe already
No. The ekit phone needs to be purchased before you leave for Europe, and you will need to allow time for phone delivery. Besides, why not arrive ready and connected?


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